Zorro the Chronicles episode 6 The cannons of Monterey

We present the Chronicles episode 6 The cannons of Monterey — plot summary, our subjective review, the episode itself and the list of creators. Don’t forget about the next episode! You’ll find a link to it at the bottom of the page.

the Chronicles episode 6 The cannons of Monterey plot summary

the Chronicles episode 6 The cannons of Monterey is about the plan to destroy the Chumash tribe. We learn about the intrigue with who hears Garcia’s boasting while collecting a package from the . The sergeant tries to talk into giving him a free meal, speaking about his super-secret and important mission. However, the tavern’s owner isn’t going to fall for that. He reminds the soldier about his unpaid bills. Garcia doesn’t seem to care and is still excited about his new task. It turns out the captain is coming back from Monterey with two cannons which he intends to use against the Indians. Luckily, has his back turned to the men and he’s deaf, right? A hungry soldier dreams about making money and spending them on food to such extent that he even attacks the new wanted poster for .

At the , Diego paints a landscape, admired by Maria. The young man repays her with complimenting her cooking abilities. Is he counting on extra dessert, perhaps? hurries back home and shares the bad news. Unfortunately, the de la Vegas have guests and Diego can’t change into his alter ego. Carmen is delighted with her friend’s painting, to ’s irritation. The humour is lightened up with a few steps of flamenco. It turns out that the package brought by Bernardo contains a present for senorita Villalonga. She receives a scarf from Spain, given to her by our favourite trio.


During lunch, and don comment on the idea to bring the cannons to the pueblo. The host is so outraged that he literally throws food all over the place. Luckily, Velazquez skillfully parries a flying chicken drumstick, landing it back on the plate. The older men don’t plan to sit idly and watch the slaughtering of relatives and neighbours. The youth tries to stop them. Even Carmen agrees with Diego that in this situation, violence isn’t the best solution. However, stubborn mount their horses and go to bring help. Don tries to convince his son for the last time to join them. Carmen gives her a new scarf to so that it may bring him luck and be useful to cover his face. As soon as the guests disappear around the hacienda’s wall, the conspirators run to the hidden cave.

Meanwhile, in the village, has been having bad feelings since morning. It doesn’t stop her from watching children play. A few hours later Ines arrives to warn the inhabitants about the danger.

We can observe the troop riding from Monterey from the perspective of a fly. The insect as well as stomach rumbling and dreams about food cause funny scenes between , Garcia and Monasterio. Before reaching their destination, they test the cannons in the wilderness. The results are promising. But the journey takes the whole day. Sleepy soldiers doze in the saddles and slowly ride more and more kilometres.

Triple attack

When evening comes, abruptly woken Garcia startles his and the corporal’s horses. The animals stop and prance when someone throws blazing torches under their hooves. The troop is under the attack of masked bandits. With cannons set aside with appointed guard, the soldiers engage into a series of duels. Monasterio only watches and aims a pistol into the leader of the attackers’ back. Fortunately for don , who is the said leader, Garcia collides with the captain and makes him miss. De la Vega realizes that the soldiers have the upper hand. He orders a retreat.

Unfortunately, don Luis’s horse throws him off its back. His friend comes for him in exactly the same moment as the pursuit reaches them. Monasterio suspects them of cooperation with Zorro, but the renegade himself appears. He disarms the captain and denies participating in the conspiracy. The duel with the commander gives the time to escape. Having lost the pistol and the sword as well as having witnessed how his subordinates try to give him weapon and fail, the captain is really irritated. Soldiers being thrown off the saddles as if they were participating in the lists (and losing) don’t help.

The fight and pursuit aim only at giving time to do his task. The mute easily overpowers the watch. Then, he can proceed in peace. He puts powder kegs into the barrels of the cannons and masks them with stuck cannonballs. He’s about to light the fuse when Monasterio comes back with the soldiers. Noticed, Bernardo has no other choice than jumping bravely from a high rock into the river down the canyon. No-one has seen him clearly enough to recognize him.

Big boom and nighttime ride

On the battlefield, the renegade in black and some lancers still remain. The irritated commander doesn’t notice that discreetly lifts up Carmen’s scarf lost by which might have put the in troubles. He orders to aim the cannons at the foe instead. thrashes around, moving the weapon from the left to the right, which creates a comical situation.  This game, however, can’t last the whole night, so leads to face the cannons. The soldiers watch in awe how the horse jumps to the faraway edge of a gorge. The captain orders to shoot which makes the cannons break and fall into the canyon. Garcia saves the corporal’s life and gets the chance to observe how a random flaming line takes shape of letter Z. An accident? I don’t think so. 😉 The sergeant also wonders “how he did that”.

On the way to the village, another night rider goes towards the smoke and fire. It’s Carmen, who disobeyed her father’s orders and followed the . She’s met by Zorro, who gives her the scarf back and ensures that the mission went well and the participants are safe. He offers to escort her home. It takes them the rest of the night as they inform and Ines in the Indian village about the situation.Finally, they reach the Villalonga hacienda. Curious girl tries to learn the Fox’s identity, but the renegade diplomatically avoids the answer. They flirt and promises to meet Carmen again soon.

the Chronicles episode 6 The cannons of Monterey — review

It’s one of the worst episodes. Although it has a few good moments as well as spectacular (but illogical again) fight scenes, the plot leaves a lot to be desired. Logic and sense went on holidays.

The idea

I fail to understand captain Monasterio’s intrigue. He makes an effort to bring two cannons from Monterey in order to destroy the Chumash village, but why? How do exactly these Indians bother him? They’re, after all, his free labour force from time to time! I understand that being a model Spaniard of those times, the captain isn’t very fond of them, but killing them without any reason is a totally different thing. It contradicts what we’ve learnt about Monasterio so far. We’ve got to know him as a greedy, ruthless and authoritarian commander. Portraying him as a sadist doesn’t make the character more interesting. What’s more, it doesn’t really make sense.

Monasterio isn’t the only one who seems to lose his personality somewhere. Another unpleasant surprise comes from Ines who, for unknown reasons, provokes Diego during a meal to openly attack the captain. Has she suddenly forgotten that her brother is and must pretend a delicate dandy without the black mask? Finally, loses what little wit he possesses when he attacks… Zorro’s wanted notice outside the tavern. Honestly, there’s no need to make a bigger fool of the sergeant!

To shoot or not to shoot? That is the question!

Fight scenes reach a new level of absurd. While aiming a pistol at don Alejandro, Monasterio considers the shot for so long that Garcia has plenty of time to bump into his superior and helps him miss. In a duel, disarms the captain. What do you think are the soldiers doing then? Are they attacking the renegade? Well, no. They try to give their own weapons to the commander, one at a time. And fail. Meanwhile, the black-masked bandit is waiting patiently, clearly having the time of his life.  Then, we can watch another unbelievable scene when the troop tries to aim the cannon at Zorro. I guess there’s no need for explaining how preposterous the idea is, considering the renegade’s speed and agility, not to mention the weapon’s bulkiness. Does anyone doubt that even if the hadn’t clogged the cannons, the soldiers wouldn’t have succeeded anyway?

Silver lining

Four older look absolutely fantastic, when they prepare an ambush and wait for the soldiers on the road in the dark, with their faces covered and torches ablaze. Carmen also gets a chance to shine when she (dressed very nicely!) decided to help her father in a fight. I don’t think anyone believes she can succeed, but her determination definitely deserves some recognition. The perspective of a fly from which we see the soldiers is a very interesting concept. And is surely the most brightly shining star of this episode. First, he learns an immensely important information, then, he destroys the cannons, and finally, he dives into the river in a James Bond-style. There’s also this fascinating motif of ’s supernatural skills. The Indian somehow feels the impending danger as a storm that’s coming.

the Chronicles episode 6 The cannons of Monterey — Youtube

World premiere: 15.11.2015

Production: Cyber Group Studios
Directed by Olivier Lelardoux, Pierre Sissman
Animation: Nicolas Davoust, Yann Martinat

/Zorro: Johnny Yong Bosch, Valéry Schatz
Ines: Dorothy Elias-Fahn, Sandra Lou
Monasterio: Jamieson Price, Paul Borne
: Kirk Thornton
Ignacio Gonzalez: Fabrice Fara
Other voices: R. Martin Klein, Kyle McCarley, Colleen O’Shaughnessey, Joe Ochman, Alan Shearman, Keith Silverstein, Anne Yatco, Michel Bedetti, Martin Billany, Bernard Bollet, Lucien Dodge, Richard Epcar, Pascal Casanova, Melora Harte, Vincent de Bouard, Marie-Christine Darah, Jean-Christophe Dollé, Bubba Kuchow, Patrice Dozier, Joey Latsko, Dave Mallow, Karine Foviau, Stéphanie Hédin, Tony Joudrier, Juan Llorca, Patrick Messe, Michel Voletti,

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