Diego’s promise to Alfonso Escalante – chapter 13 The funniest mistakes

I know that the story is about very serious issue, rather emotional etc., and I treat it also seriously. But I can’t resist sharing with you some of my mistakes which I made during the writing and my wonderful beta readers caught. I admit rather funny errors.

So if it could destroy your mood or break the decorum, just don’t read it.

Diego stayed in lemonade

instead of

he stayed for lemonade

The vision of Diego who soaks his feet in a bowl full of lemonade.

Diego was boiled with anger

instead of

he boiled with anger

As KariTBB notices, Diego could be cooked but this fits better into the Halloween challenge. (Her words, not mine 😀 )

He set on a bench and he started cutting.

instead of

Diego set her on the bench. He began to resume cutting vegetables.

Sliced , Halloween part two.

 at the memory of his favourite girl, he rubbed his stomach and licked his lips.

instead of

Felipe at the memory of the cooking skills of his favourite girl, he rubbed his stomach and licked his lips.

Little and cute as a cannibal ( is already sliced, remember?), Halloween part three.

You remember how hard I was going through my mother’s death

instead of

You remember how hard it was for me going through my mother’s death.

No comments here.

tried to prepare breakfast, but everything was coming out of her hands

instead of

but she kept dropping things

Spiderman’s nets come out of his hands, if has similar abilities with food, she would definitely make a fortune in the tavern.

He was afraid that the beautiful young women in his arms

instead of

He was afraid that the beautiful young woman in his arms

Handsome, rich, young Casanova 😀 I wonder how many women he could keep on his lap/ in his arms at once?

Picture of comes from www.newworldzorro.com


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