Spanish-English dictionary

The Spanish-English dictionary can be useful because, regardless of the language in which the authors of fanfics write their stories, they often use original Spanish inserts. They have appeared in the fandom from the beginning, from the very first stories. That is why we present the most popular ones:

Spanish-English dictionary A-C

abuela —grandmother

— grandfather

adios – goodbye

albondigas – meatballs

– mayor

– Alexander

amigo / amiga – friend

– angels

– a canyon or ravine

arroz – rice

atencion – attention

bonita – beautiful

– good night

– good afternoon

bueno / buenos – good

buenos dias – good morning (from morning or all day)

– gentleman, knight. Initially used in the context of chivalry, in the nineteenth century the term implies a certain social (noble) status or / and is given to “persons above the rank of ordinary merchants when their manners indicate a degree of sophistication and intelligence” (Encyclopedia Britannica 1845 and 1856)

callarse – be quiet

capitan – captain, military rank between lieutenant and major, usually commander of an infantry company or cavalry squadron

cerdo – pig

chica – little girl

chico – little boy

ciudad – city or town

commnedante – commandant

compadre – companion

– understand

con – with

– with permission (request to leave the society)

corazon – heart eg mi corazon – my heart as a caressing term for a loved one

– garrison

– birthday

Spanish-English dictionary D-N

delicioso – delicious tasteful

dia – day

– the devil

Diego – Jacob

Dios – God

Dios mio – my God

don / doña – title used in Spain, Portugal and Italy with colonies. It only comes with a first name. Initially reserved for the royal and princely families, it was widely used by nobles and clergy in ’s time.

– sweetness, sweets, an affectionate term used for spouses or close family members

esquina – the horn

– Philip

feliz – happy or cheerful

– festival

fin – end

frijoles – beans

gracias – thank you

– ranch, a large farm, plantation or a country estate in Spain or Latin America. The term may refer to the property as a whole or the buildings themselves.

haciendado – ranch owner

– see you later

– sister

– brother

– daughter

– son

– hello

huevos – eggs

Jaime – Jacob

– crazy

madre – mother

– Mother of God

mercado – the market square

mi – my e.g. mi hijo – my son

miles – a thousand, for example, miles gracias – thanks a thousand times

muchacha – girl

muchacho – boy

muchas – many, very much eg muchas gracias – thank you very much

muy – very much eg muy bien – very good

nada – nothing, e.g. de nada – you are welcome

– baby, little child, girl

niño – baby, toddler, boy

noche – nothing

novio / – fiance

Spanish-English dictionary P-Z

padre – father or priest, monk

paz – peace

– peasant, farmer, a farm labourer in the Spanish colonies of America

permiso – permission

pollo – chicken

– please eg give me your sword, por favor.

preciosa – precious, e.g. mi preciosa – my precious, caressing term for a beloved woman

– town or village

querido / querida – loved or beloved

– a large scarf that can cover the head and shoulders, has a multifunctional use – from covering the hair in the church, through sun protection, to a baby carrier and carrying luggage

roto – broken

hall – living room

san / santa – saint

señor – mister

– madam

– young lady, polite expression

– yes

– siesta, afternoon rest

– silence

sueño – dream, dream

tarde – afternoon

– I love you

vamonos – let’s go

– cowboy, farm labourer dealing with cattle breeding. In Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil it is called gaucho, in Mexico it is called charros or cowboys.

vaya con Dios – go with God

vega – meadow

verdad – true

Zorra – a vulgar term for prostitute

zorrito – a little fox

– Fox

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