El Zorro: La espada y la rosa – episode 1

El Zorro: – episode 1 został wyemitowany 12.02.2007 roku w stacji Telmundo w Stanach Zjednoczonych.

El Zorro: La espada y la rosa – episode 1 – characters

El Zorro: La espada y la rosa – episode 1 – plot

Esmeralda – runaway bride

In Spain, and more specifically in Barcelona, the young señorita is to marry a rich and ugly old man. The fiancé was chosen by her father, Fernando Sánchez de Moncada, who wants to get rid of his troubled daughter and as a thank you in his political career. Esmeralda escapes from the church during the mass, and a whole squad of soldiers rushes in pursuit. While escaping, Esmeralda is noticed by the Gypsy Azucena. The women collide in an alley and Esmeralda begs for help. reads from her hands. He tells her that she will soon meet his mother Sarah Kali and gives her a medallion too. Esmeralda denies that this is impossible because her mother died in childbirth. The runaway bride is caught and dragged to the church. However, her fiancé dies at the altar. Esmeralda convinces the priest that she said “yes” and becomes a rich widow.

Esmeralda sells her husband’s estate despite the protests of the deceased’s relatives. Her father became of California and the entire family (half-sister Mariángel, aunt , her father’s accountant Olmos) moved to America. The young widow is also followed by Gypsies, among others and her son , who are on the same ship. The young man falls in love with the beautiful Esmeralda, even though his mother warns him that she is destined to be “a man with two souls,” as she could read in her hand.

as Miguel’s attorney and Catalina’s lover

Meanwhile, Don spends the night with Catalina, Judge Quintana’s daughter, for a chance to consult the judge’s journals. Catalina would like Diego to be the man chosen by her father as her husband. Her boring fiancé, Tobias, almost catches them.

Diego manages to steal one of Judge Quintana’s journals and obtains evidence that the Gypsy Miguel he is defending has been wrongly accused. He persuaded the detainee to give him land, as part of the fee, because then it was protected from the commander. He also learns about the appointment of a new , an old friend of his father. At night, Zorro visits a judge in his office and convinces him to drop the charges against Miguel. At the same time, Miguel’s woman offers her self to Montero in exchange for the husbands’ freedom.

During the hearing the next day, Judge Quintana withdraws the charges, but the commandant orders the Gypsy to be kept in custody for a few more months.

, ’s sister, is horrified to learn that Fernando is returning to California. María Pía is ’s former fiancée and broke up with him without explanation. Only Maria Pia, Father Tomas and Diego’s black nanny knew the truth. The reason was the murder of Diego’s mother, an Indian woman, by Fernando while hunting the native people.

The arrival of the new and the escape of Miguel

A few months later, the Sánchez de Moncada family arrives in Los . A welcome party was announced for the evening, to which many of the city’s residents were invited. Montero sees this as a good opportunity to get rid of Miguel and orders Sergeant Garcia to release the prisoner. overhears the order and warns Diego.

Meanwhile, Esmeralda spends the evening walking around Los Angeles. Near the prison, she meets , who worries that the soldiers are planning to kill her husband. When the Gypsy learns that Esmeralda is the governor’s daughter, she pleads with her for help. Esmeralda refuses because her father does not listen to her. Women witness Miguel being released from prison. However, after crossing the threshold, the soldiers shoot him. Luckily, Zorro shows up and stops the soldiers from killing Miguel. As Zorro retreats, he collides with Esmeralda, and their medallions become tangled.

El Zorro: La espada y la rosa – episode 1 – video

The series does not have official video streaming.

El Zorro: La espada y la rosa – episode 1 – curiosities

  • Diego had an Indian mother also in Zorro The Chronicles and in Isabel Allende’s book “Zorro: The Birth of a Legend”.
  • Gypsy themes were used in the musicals of Zorro.


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