El Zorro: La espada y la rosa – episode 2

: – Episode 2 was aired on February 13, 2007 on Telmundo in the United States.

El — episode 2 – characters

El : La espada y la rosa — episode 2 – plot

Tangled up and confused with medallions

fought the soldiers, although he was always tangled up with Esmeralda. They managed to separate the medallions on the tower, but Zorro took Esmeralda with him for her safety. They jumped on the horse together, a stunt that Garcia clumsily tried to copy. The couple eluded their pursuers and fled in pursuit. Zorro left Esmeralda on her way to the wasteland and showed where she should go. After he departed, Esmeralda noticed that she has his medallion instead of her own. She also had the opportunity to admire a stunt jump through the ravine.

returns to his secret cave and discovers that he has the wrong medallion. He is intrigued by a beautiful stranger. He leaves as Diego to give her a lift to the . Soon he reaches the place where Zorro left Esmeralda and introduces himself to her. He wants to impress her and performs a magic trick with a rose. However, Esmeralda, who recently saw Zorro in action, is not impressed. Diego and Esmeralda are stopped by and while driving. Gypsies force Diego and Esmeralda to exchange clothes with them, so they can escape. The submissive attitude, pulling the rabbit out of the hat and Diego’s understatement enrages Esmeralda, who loses all respect for him.

Governor’s welcome party and old acquaintances

María Pía is worried about ’s arrival and how she will handle it. Father Tomás forces her to face her fear and attend a welcome party. In an awkward moment, and María Pía come face-to-face, but the woman greets him with dignity. It is nicer to meet Almudena again and renew an old friendship. Almudena states that she is excited to return to America to see old friends. She especially enjoys the conversation with Alejandro.

Two Indians, and her brother Jacó, note that a new is a man with one eye. They wonder if this is the same man who murdered their parents and their sister years earlier. Jacó climbs the party building and returns with the news that the governor is indeed the man they are looking for.

Upcoming prison inspection and the Gypsy mystery

Pizarro informs Montero that Miguel has escaped from prison. They also discuss the inspection of the prison the next day. In one of the cells, there is a mysterious prisoner in an iron mask. All we know about it is that she is very important and cannot be found by the inspector. The soldiers take from the cell and hide in a bricked-up cellar.

Azucena, and Renzo discuss the situation of Esmeralda, the Gypsy princess, and her mother, Sarah Kalí. The problem is that Esmeralda doesn’t know that her mother is still alive and doesn’t know her roots. In addition, Esmeralda’s father is the same person responsible for the imprisonment of Sarah Kalí.

Night visits

Maria Pia returns to the congregation and calms the self-whipping Sister Suplicios.

Earlier at the party, Montero and Mariángel are introduced to each other and immediately feel chemistry to each other. Therefore, after briefing with Pizarro, he goes to a secret meeting with the girl on the patio of her house.

Esmeralda returns from her nocturnal adventures and confides in Almudena while taking a bath. Shortly after the aunt leaves the chamber, appears on her balcony.

El Zorro: La espada y la rosa — episode 2 – wideo

The series does not have official video streaming.

El Zorro: La espada y la rosa — episode 2 – curiosities

  • Usually, Bernardo did magic tricks, here Diego is a full-time magician.
  • on the jumps over the gorge.


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